The History of this Site...

After Johnny's death in 2000, I (Melissa) wanted to put something together to honor Johnny, and keep him alive in my memories. I also knew that if I asked for it, I'd have all kinds of input and help from everyone else who misses him.

The first incarnation of a site was in the form of a MSN web community, which was deleted by MSN due to some glitch. I'm still not sure how that happened.

In 2002 I created the first web site at this address ( Lots of people provided pictures, and input to make it happen.

In 2003, with a few more web design skills and even more content, I re-designed the site. This time it had a really cool guest book where people could leave memories and thoughts. Again, due to something beyond my control, the guestbook was deleted. Ugh. I will say that it was my favorite site yet because of the live contributions from everyone (including JD Pinkus from the Butthole Surfers/Honky!!).

In 2004, I took a suggestion from Gil Garcia (formerly of Los Terribles) to celebrate Johnny's life with music, in the form of a show. WOW. Why didn't I think of it before? So instead of re-designing the site, I put my efforts and energy into planning that show. It was amazing, as all who attended, will surely agree.

This year, I'm doing both...and of course, with a ton of help and input from a lot of Johnny's friends and bandmates, and even some fans!

We'll see what happens in 2006!


Johnny and I pictured above: He had recently injured his foot throwing a ball for Tober. We called his condition, "Uncontrollable Falling Down"